Welcome to Taylor Bennett's World

'Mainstream Music'

At a time when the traditional roles of 'underground' and 'mainstream' tags in music have become more blurred than ever, 18-year-old Chicago artist Taylor Bennett has set out to re-define what fans think when they hear the term 'mainstream' with his latest project, appropriately titled Mainstream Music, released today May 4 at 2 PM CST and available for download through DJBooth.net.

The project is the follow up to Taylor's 2013 debut release, The Taylor Bennett Show and the younger brother of Chance The Rapper definitely shows a tremendous amount of growth both in his music and life as he prepares to graduate high school and headline Lincoln Hall in Chicago on May 24.

Currently in the midst of a string of shows in the Midwest, Taylor dropped his latest single, "New Chevy" featuring fellow Chicagoan King L on SPIN last week to over 140,000 plays. Mainstream Music also has a who's who of the next crop of stars from his hometown including Spenzo, Lil Herb, Rockie Fresh and Loyale Soule. Taylor is out to change the game, not follow it:

"The point of Mainstream Music is make something that never gets old. And I feel like that’s exactly what we did, we executed it perfectly. I think everybody’s going to be really shocked on May 4th." - Taylor Bennett